How to Choose a Reputable Insurance Company

Getting a car insurance quote is easy. It’s finding the perfect insurance coverage at the lowest price is the tough part. To assist you in making the best decision for your coverage needs, find out how you can narrow down your potential insurance providers without all the stress.

  1. Gathering information from your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, maybe one of the best decision you can make on determining what company to go with. By visiting you state’s Department of Motor Vehicle website you can review consumer complaints for various insurance providers in your area. Consumer complaints will help you narrow down you search for companies, as it gives you feedback from customers much like you. This will help you select which insurers you want to start screening, and can be the basis for you to start your search on which companies have the lowest monthly premiums.
  2. By asking local body shops for insurance recommendations, you get a firsthand account of what companies have the best practices during accident claims. Since these auto body shops work closely with companies on repairs and damaged vehicles, they are a good judgment on a company’s process and how good they are about using aftermarket parts in order to cut costs.
  3. Researching J.D. Power Ratings will help you collect information from individual car insurance policyholders that rate them according to their coverage options, price, claims handling, overall satisfaction and experience. This can be valuable facts to have as it can help you narrow down potential companies in conjunction with your needs.
  4. Looking up a company’s financial strength ratings will help you determine the overall ability for an insurance company to pay out your claims. If a company has a poor history for satisfying its financial responsibilities, it may be best to steer clear of them.

If you still need assistance in choosing a particular company to get a car insurance quote from, it may be in your benefit to work with an agent from a specific company. This way you can feel free to ask questions about different policies and inquire about various discounts you may qualify for. Be wary of pressure an agent might give you to sign up for coverage right then and there, shop around the agent will be there.

If you can, seek out independent agents, these brokers represent several insurance companies and for that reason do not have a vested interest in getting you to sign with one particular company.

Car Insurance Quotes for Low Income Families

For many low income families across the United States a car insurance quote means more monthly expenses than they can afford to pay. Because of this, drivers in states around the country operate vehicles without adequate insurance coverage. This not only puts low income families in more of a financial risk, but other drivers as well.

The bad news for families in the low income bracket is that there are no federal programs that aid drivers in the cost of car insurance. There may be state implemented programs that assist in lessening the financial blow of insurance like that of California, which has set up the California Low Cost Auto Insurance Program that helps low income families with insurance. Most state programs will have eligibility requirements that require drivers show proof of income, as well as a clean driving record. Other limitations may apply, so checking with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, may be beneficial in providing you with potential programs that aid low income families with insurance coverage.

Outside government or state enacted programs, the next safe bet for low income families are discounts that may be earned through a leading provider. Most insurance companies will present you with a car insurance quote that depending on the information you have provided, will estimate a monthly premium that factors in qualifying discounts. There are several discounts that may be available to families based on which insurance company you receive your quote from. Sometimes companies will forfeit telling you about the discounts, so it is always better to call and ask yourself.

When making inquiries about what discounts are offered, make sure you ask what the savings would be with and without the reduction; by comparing which discounts you qualify for you may see a considerable amount of money taken off of your monthly premium. Some industry standard discounts you may expect are: multiple policy, good driver, good student, trade association discounts, etc.

Shopping around for a car insurance quote can be beneficial in getting the lowest monthly rate possible; this is key for low income families and motorists alike. By taking the time to talk to customer service representatives and you state’s DMV you can find coverage without breaking the bank. So before you opt in foregoing on car insurance, just think of what can happen if you drive without insurance in the first place.

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Choosing Auto Insurance Deductible

For those of you that are new to auto insurance terms, this can be confusing. The deductible is the amount of money that you agree to pay out of your own pocket for car damage resulting from a car accident. You must first pay this amount before you make a claim. Each state has different deductible amounts, but the norm is usually somewhere between $100 and $1500. The amount of your deductible is determined by a variety of factors.

Your choice plays a big role. You can often select the amount of the deductible that you would like to pay. For example, if you want to pay $500, your insurance company should be able to give it to you unless you have a bad driving record, in which case they may make it higher. Keep in mind that typically the lower your deductible, the higher the auto insurance quotes you will receive.

Your risk factor as a driver is important. Some companies require that you have a deductible over a certain amount if they consider you to be a high risk driver. This is because they don’t want you to cost them money. In some cases, the deductible may even exceed the damages in which case the insurance company wouldn’t be responsible for any of it.

Your premiums are affected by the deductible. It is possible to not have a deductible at all, but if you choose to have this then your monthly premiums are going to be much higher as a result. In other words, you will find much higher car insurance quotes from companies if you seek to have no deductible. If you are a great driver and have taken driving classes and are confident that you can stay out of trouble, having a higher deductible may be worth the risk. This way you can have lower premiums. If you decide to have a higher deductible, just make sure you have that amount of money in savings.

It is important to note that the deductible must be paid with every claim you make, unlike other types of insurance like health insurance. This means that if you get into three accidents in a year you will have to pay your deductible three times.

There is one other option wherein you won’t have to pay a deductible, but you are at a much greater risk- if you decide to only purchase the minimum liability insurance required by the state you won’t have a deductible. Instead you will likely end up having to pay for a lot of the damages out of pocket.